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Hi! I'm Arjun Sharma πŸ‘‹

I’m a 12th-grade student in Delhi NCR, India. I’ve been programming in some way or the other since I was eleven years old and began my best attempt at a Dieter Bohn impression a year after that. Over the years, I’ve gravitated towards musing on the code I write, speculating on the implications of technological developments across industries, as well as reviewing software and media in the world of computers.

Currently, I’m the head of my school computer club, a machine learning enthusiast, a casual astronomy fan, and an Oxford comma devotee. My GitHub is the best place to check out what I’m working on. The subject I’m most interested in learning about right now is positive unlabelled machine learning.

Occasionally, my terminal window has been found closed. I’ve spent these times discovering that my favourite book is Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, having also enjoyed Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary, Conn Iggulden’s Conquerer series, Ken Kocienda’s Creative Selection, and Katie Mack’s The End of Everything, amongst others.

43 of the 50 songs I’ve spent the most time listening to on Spotify are by the The Mountain Goats. The piece of software which brings the most joy to my life every day is Downlink. News Minimalist is the coolest tool I’ve used recently–and not just because it reminds me that artificial intelligence is about more than copyright law and tech doomerism.

This website was built with a custom fork of the Congo theme for the Hugo framework.

I'm not a real doctor
but I am a real worm

–I occasionally experience unjustified bursts of self-esteem and quote They Might be Giants lyrics.